The P3 Solutions™ Blog by Greener Corporation features a comprehensive approach to cutting, sealing, and forming on horizontal and vertical form fill seal packaging machines. Please subscribe or check back often for updates on integrating Parts, Process, and People to improve package quality, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Matt Wojtech

Vice-President and Co-Owner, Greener Corporation

Matt Wojtech_Vice President_Greener CorpMatt coordinates sales for global key and large accounts at Greener Corporation, and is responsible for overseeing product design and development. He works closely with packaging machine manufacturers, corporate engineers, and end users, applying his in-depth understanding of manufacturing and packaging issues to develop innovative solutions for quality and productivity initiatives. Matt also helps implement Greener’s technical service and training programs.

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Mark Green

Technical Manager, Greener Corporation

Mark Green_Technical Manager_Greener CorpMark directs and implements the technical field service and training programs at Greener Corporation. He works regularly with business owners, managers, engineers, maintenance personnel, and line operators to help improve the quality and productivity of their packaging operations.

In his over thirty-year career with Greener Mark has worked in manufacturing, engineering, sales, and technical service, and has accumulated extensive experience working with customers in the field. He has developed a comprehensive understanding of knife and sealing jaw design, the proper usage, set-up and adjustment of these parts, and best practices for the maintenance, troubleshooting and efficient operation of horizontal and vertical form fill seal packaging equipment.

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Ted Wojtech

President and Co-Owner, Greener Corporation

Ted Wojtech_President_Greener Corp_Ted manages overall operations and strategy at Greener Corporation, ensuring that all departments—manufacturing, engineering, finance, sales, service, and training—maintain their consistent focus on customer relationships and their un-ending quest to provide the finest quality parts and services. As a general manager he draws on the experience of over 25 years of broad responsibilities at Greener.


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Mark Saliski

Director of Manufacturing, Greener Corporation

Mark Saliski_Director of Manufacturing_Greener CorpMark manages all aspects of manufacturing at Greener Corporation including production, training, personnel, and initiatives to improve productivity and quality. Having begun his career at Greener as a machinist over thirty years ago, he maintains a broad perspective on the evolution of our customer needs and works to develop and maintain the infrastructure, people, and processes necessary to meet these requirements.


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Andrew Dennis

Technical Director and Joint Owner, Kenray Forming Limited

Prior to assuming his current role in 2004, Andrew was one of the leading and pivotal members of Kenray’s production team. He continues to be closely involved on Kenray’s shop floor, passing on his valuable experience to the team and overseeing all aspects of design, manufacture, processes, performance and quality control.

Andrew is committed to all technical aspects as well as the concept of continuous improvement and therefore encourages feedback, however incidental, from any of Kenray global customers. He works closely with Greener Corporation to meet the needs of the North American market for high performance forming sets.

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